The Collexia dryer is without question the best dryer I have ever used. It dries the hair so fast – I mean really fast, and although powerful, it’s easy to control and doesn’t burn the hair.  Within six weeks of me starting to work with it, we made the decision to have every Electric stylist in each Electric salon use them. Fantastic product, I can’t praise it enough.

Electric LogoMark Woolley – Electric Hairdressing, London



A young and dynamic Italian brand.

Strongly oriented towards innovation, marketing and communication, promoting potential and resources.

The thirty years of experience of the multinational group Tenacta in the world of technological research.

The presence in more than 30 countries in the world.

Collexia Professional: the new partner for the hairstyle.

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Imetec (UK) Ltd
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Tel: 01606 842877
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What We Do

collexia headsCOLLEXIA™ laboratories develops and produces a new generation of quality, functional hairdressing tools designed specifically for the Professional Hairdresser.

The only one that dries the hair in half the time.

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