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The Collexia dryer has a unique patented dual-fan system that doubles the volume of airflow. Collexia greatly reduces drying times without increasing hair-damaging heat like other dryers. Plus unlike traditional longer, heavier dryers that need larger energy-sapping heating elements, the dual-fan system means the Collexia is lighter and up to third smaller than most dryers.

The exceptional power of the Collexia means it can be used with the widest and slimmest nozzles available without any loss of power or control. This means you can dry full brush sized sections quicker and with more control.

The high tech dual-fan design is not the only innovation of this amazing dryer. Collexia have created an ingenious system that delivers nourishing, repairing shine-enhancing hair treatments while you blow-dry! Collexia comes with a special nozzle into which protein, vitamin and rich mineral infused pods can be placed to treat and condition the hair while blow-drying. Taking no extra time, effort or energy, Collexia is the only dryer that can make you money while you blow-dry!

Collexia treatments can be used to repair chemically, heat or sun damaged hair and is a quick, easy way to seal in colour and add lasting lustre and shine.


A young and dynamic Italian brand.

Strongly oriented towards innovation, marketing and communication, promoting potential and resources.

The thirty years of experience of the multinational group Tenacta in the world of technological research.

The presence in more than 30 countries in the world.

Collexia Professional: the new partner for the hairstyle.

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collexia headsCOLLEXIA™ laboratories present the new generation of Professional Hairdryer specifically designed for the Hairdresser.

The only one that dries the hair in half the time.

The only one with the professional treatments.

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